The worst floods the Balkans have seen in a century

People displaced
People without safe drinking water
1 million
People directly affected

In May 2014, heavy rains caused unprecedented flooding in the Balkans, including Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia, and has left hundreds of thousands of people without clean drinking water or electricity, and tens of thousands have been evacuated. More than 50 people have been confirmed dead but the death toll is expected to rise as waters recede.

An estimated 1 million people have been directly affected, and 300,000 have lost their homes.

Critical infrastructure such as roads and electricity has been affected, and some areas are now facing dangerous landslides. Clean drinking water, food, tents and medical supplies are critically needed.

Photo credit: EC/ECHO/EEAS/EU Delegation BiH
Photo credit: EC/ECHO/EEAS/EU Delegation BiH